Sedation dentistry


Dental Sedation is available at our Houston, TX Office

At District Dental we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed. We don’t want you to compromise your oral health due to fear. We offer nitrous oxide, “laughing gas”, to our anxious patients to calm their nerves. Oral sedation is available for more fearful patients and helps reduce fear and anxiety. These sedation options are a way for our patients to receive the dental care they need in a soothing environment.

What is nitrous oxide and how does it work?

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is most often used for patients who are mildly or moderately anxious or nervous. It eases their fears so that they can relax and receive treatment comfortably and safely.

Nitrous oxide is administered by placing a small mask over the patient’s nose. As the gas begins to work, the patient becomes calm, although he or she is still awake and can talk. When the gas is turned off, the effects of sedation wear off almost immediately.

Are there any side effects to sedation dentistry?

Minor side effects such as nausea or vomiting can occur with some medications. Before a visit in which a patient is to receive oral sedation, he/she should receive instructions about eating and drinking, what to expect and what to watch for after treatment. You may need assistance to get home after sedation and patients may need to stay momentarily for observation after dental treatment has been completed.

Will I still receive an anesthetic during invasive dental procedures?

Oral sedation is not general anesthesia. Treatment is no different than if you were not sedated and when necessary anesthesia will be provided, however you will be much more relaxed during the procedure.

How safe is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry does require patient education and some precautions. When conducted by a trained dental professional sedation dentistry is very safe and effective at eliminating unnecessary stress due to dental treatment.