District Dental is a completely Digital Office. Computers are an integral part of our business and increase speed and productivity. Patient records and images are safely stored on computers instead of traditional file folders.

Digital Radiography is a form of X-ray imaging which utilizes digital sensors to capture images, rather than traditional photographic film. Digital x-rays images are immediately processed and patients are exposed to significantly less radiation.

Intraoral Images are taken as part of our new patient exams. We take close-up pictures of individual teeth using an intraoral camera. This gives patients a chance to see their teeth and actively participate in their treatment options.

The Diagnodent is a hand held laser cavity detection tool. It allows us to detect cavities at their earliest stages, so we can eliminate them before they get larger.

Dental Lasers work by delivering energy in the form of light. Our soft tissue diode laser has a variety of uses ranging from treating gum disease to the treatment of canker sores.

At District Dental, we use the highest quality restorative materials. Advances in technology have made dental materials stronger, and more durable without compromising superior esthetics. From all porcelain crowns to composite “white” fillings, you can feel comfortable knowing you will receive long-lasting, natural looking restorations.